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Counseling - Evangelization - Healing - Deliverance

When in Malta, he spends about 50 hours monthly counseling, advising and helping people. He does the same when he is abroad.

He is a very popular preacher in Malta and abroad. He delivered thousands of preaches, lectures, seminars and retreats in his priestly ministry.

He is a popular retreat preacher for nuns, priests and lay people. He preaches and lectures regularly all over the world, and that is why he travels a lot.

Some of the countries he already visited preaching retreats, leading seminars and ministering to people are: Malta, England, Italy, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bosnia, India (Kerala, Bangalore), Indonesia, Filipinas, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Ghana, Libya, United States, Brazil, Pakistan, China and many others.

One of his main ministries is teaching about healing in all its aspects: physical, psychological and spiritual.
He leads many seminars about Inner Healing, looking at it from both a psychological and spiritual aspect.
He also celebrates many Healing Masses both in Malta and in many other countries.

Another ministry related to healing is the ministry of deliverance. He prays in favor of many people who need protection or deliverance from the attacks by the devil, praying over them deliverance prayers and, when necessary, carrying out exorcisms. Monthly in  Malta he  celebrate a Deliverance Mass for hundreds of people.

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