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2009-10-06: Odpoved Diany

Diana odpovedala:

Dear Jozef,
Thank you for email.I just returned from a mission and couldnt reply earlier.I am replying in bold to each of the questions you have asked below.
As it seems to be a retreat where we will have about 200 people, we request
you to have a team of people who could be prayer ministers for the people. This would mean that they lay hands on the participants and pray with them during the prayer sessions that we will lead. For 200 people, I think about 10-15 people would be required(Preferably those who are already in the Healing and Counseling ministry)

I also request that we have
fairly large size Nativity statues (Joseph,Mary and baby Jesus) .They will used symbolically on Saturday evening. Also some white and blue small size tablecloths.

Finally some decorative T-lite candles around each of the statues.

Please arrange for
the sprinkler(holy water) some small glass bowls where we would put blessed oils and cotton wool.

Father would like
the large monstrance for adoration and ministry times.

The schedule appears fine to us. Only thing I observed was that on Sunday there are only 3 teaching sessions.
We would like to have 4. Could we adjust that and make them 45 minute sessions perhaps? And Eucharist that day preferably at the end(4-5.30pm).

Praying for the success of the retreat and wish you all the Lord's blessings and guidance for the preparation work that you are doing.
In Christ,

Dear Father Elias and Diana,

I write you on behalf of a committee that works on preparation of the seminar that you are going to present at Sts. Cyril and Methodius Parish in New Westminster in BC, Canada on Dec 18 - Dec 20, 2009. We have already booked a place that can accommodate approximately 100-120 "overnight" attendees, and possibly 20-80 commuters.
That is alright.

In attachment, please find a tentative schedule of these 3 days.
Thank you

The retreat weekend starts on Friday, Dec 18 at 13:00 and finishes on Sunday, Dec 20 at 17:00.
What is "fixed" in the retreat "schedule" are the meal periods (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
Everything else is flexible.

In conjunction with the retreat in general, and with the schedule in particular, we would like to know a little bit more, mainly:

How long is a typical session/presentation? Is 1 hour, in general, ok, or it is too short/long?
One hour sessions is normally what we do.

(For scheduling purposes) do the individual sessions/presentations build on each other or are they all separate topics?
yes, they normally build on each other.Thats why participants must try to attend every session.We will have to actually start the seminar(proper) on Saturday morning when everyone is there.The introductions and orienation can be done on Friday evening as you suggested.

About lunch time break (lunch is served at 12noon) - do you have a preference for the length of break at lunch time (rest for you?) A one hour fifteen minute lunch break is fine.While Father rests,I will take the noon sessions.

Friday arrivals - we will have access to the retreat facility as of 1:00pm on Friday. People will be able to arrive at this time and begin the reatreat weekend in the afternoon. Dinner will be served at 5:30pm for those who arrive in the afternoon. We would like to provide a presentation(?) and mass on Friday afternoon. We will have ~2:00pm-5:15pm available. Can you think about what would be an appropriate activity/presentation topic for Friday afternoon? (also to include mass)
A suggestion would be to have a 1 hour(2-3pm) of Praise and Worship which will help them prepare their hearts for the retreat.Then perhaps if you could do 45 minutes of icebreaker sessions( altogether or maybe in groups) so that people get to meet each other and know where they are coming from.Then at about 4 pm until 5.15pm,Father could celebrate the Eucharist.How does this sound to you?

We recognize that many people will not be able to attend the retreat until Friday evening so the official "start" of the retreat will be at ~8pm on Friday. We see this as the time when you will be able to officially introduce yourselves and talk about the weekend retreat etc.
This is correct.

Suggested mass times: Friday ~4:15pm (dinner is at 5:30pm), Saturday ~4:15pm (dinner is at 5:30pm), Sunday 10:30am (lunch is at 12:00pm) - would this fit well with the weekend?
Friday and saturday is fine. However could we end the setFree weekend on Sunday with the Eucharist at 4pm ubtil 5pm?

Are there any special things you want us to be aware of or consider as we begin to put together a rough itinerary?
- when do you want your day to start and end?
- when is a good time for 1:1 conversations with you?
- how long would you like your breaks to be so that you are sufficiently rested etc.
Father being diabetic would avoid sweet things and rice. He would eat anything with wheat or cornflour, vegetables and meat. He prefers passion fruit juices while ministering as he cannot take any other juices. However,I can have anything.No worries.

I am not sure if we can do counselling one on one if that is what you meant because the crowd is very large and there isnt much time. However,Is there a possibility for the people to go for confessions on the Friday and saturday?

At the start of the retreat,Father and I would like to meet with the committee who is organising the retreat to brief you about the times of ministry and other smaller details when we get there.When would that take place?

Would you be having a tea/coffee break mid morning every day? And late afternoon? I think coffee breaks could be for 20 minutes.Is that acceptable?

We would like it very much if you could bring some items such as books, CDs and DVDs (in English and Slovak) that could be available for people to purchase at the retreat.
Yes,I have asked Father to get his books and we are also bring DVDs. So it would be great of someone could be put in charge of the book table.

Thanks.God bless!
Feel free to clarify or ask anything which may not be clear enough.
In Christ,

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