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Zumbathon for Silvia - January 15, 2012

My niece Silvia is 15 years old and lives in Slovakia with her twin sister and an older brother and sister. She is very close to all of her siblings and a very kind girl. She and her siblings are in a difficult situation as they live just with their mom. Their father left and is not really supporting them.

In June of 2011 Silvia found a plum size lump on her back and they diagnosed her with cancer (sarcoma of the soft tissue). She has undertaken two surgeries to remove the tumour. She has undergone 7 rounds of chemotherapy since and has gone through a lot as you can imagine. As they live 350 km away from the capital city of Bratislava (where the hospital is), she has to commute back and forth sometimes twice or three times a week. In order to be able to stay with Silvia at the hospital. Her mom had to quit the job and works as much as she can from her laptop to support her family.

Silvia and her twin sister were playing basketball and are Slovak national team prospects. Her sister still plays and Silvia would love to be able to play again. She is still very weak, however. Fortunately, about a month ago, after her 7th chemo treatment, she had her scan and they did not find any new signs of a tumour or cancer growing. She still needs to commute back and forth and will have chemo treatments for another few months, but hopefully, it will be only good news from now on. In Slovakia, after grade 9 you go to a secondary school. You have to go through a lot of exams and have to pass them. Silvia and her sister were trying to get into a special school in order to play basketball professionally. They both got accepted but, unfortunately, only Sonia can attend. It is very difficult for Silvia as she watches her sister succeed and she is not able to attend school. She is amazing and takes everything with a lot of courage.

I hope this paints a better picture about who Silvia is and why she needs our help. I have not decided where the money will go as I am not sure how much we can raise, but I am sure there is more than one thing which the money can go towards: be it commuting to and from the hospital, accommodations for her mom, food, and medication that is not covered by the insurance company. If there were enough money I would love to help them to buy a car. Yes, they don't even have a car to travel to the hospital. They rely on friends to drive them because when Silvia is after her round of chemotherapy she feels very sick.

Thank you very much again.


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