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2009-11-09.4: Email a telefonat Jeff Graham - Archdiocese e-buletin and web site

Dear Jeff,
My name is Jozef Starosta, I am from Sts.Cyril and Methodius parish and I am the Chairman of a Committee preparing the spiritual retreat of Fr. Elias Vella, that we organize at Rosemary Heights on December 18-20 2009. Information about this retreat has been already placed on the Archdiocese website:

Learn to Live & Love at Sts. Cyril & Methodius Church
Event Date: 2009-12-18
End Date: 2009-12-20

The main challenge we face is that although the retreat is scheduled for December 18-20, the registration deadline is November 30.

We try to reach as many parishes as possible with information about this unique opportunity and about the deadline. We sent already an email and a fax to all parishes that we have email addresses and fax numbers of.

By doing that, we were advised to contact you and ask you to help us this information by posting it in the weekly e-bulletin that you publish.

Here is the information that we would like to make known to all parishes:

November 30, 2009 is a registration deadline for the "Set Free Retreat" at Rosemary Heights, from Friday, December 18 to Sunday, December 20 2009. This retreat is designed to bring wholeness and healing by the power of the Holy Spirit. The retreat master is Fr. Elias Vella, priest and exorcist from Malta. Vist for details. To register or for more info., call Bertha 604-936-4669 or Rozalia 604-944-1554. Space is limited!

Could you help us, Jeff, post this information in you weekly e-bulletin for the next 3 weeks?

Thank you and God bless,

Jozef Starosta

Ps. If you are the webmaster, could you, please, change the title of the event on the Archdiocese website

From Learn to Live & Love at Sts. Cyril & Methodius Church

To Set Free to Live and Love at Rosemary Heights

Thank you

Jozef Starosta

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