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2009-11-09.6: Telefonat a email Paul Schratz-ovi, hlavnemu editorovi BC Catholic

Dear Paul Schratz, the Editor of BC Catholic,

thank you for an opportunity to talk to you earlier this afternoon the possibilty to publish some information about Fr. Elias Vella.
As you requested, here is some information about Fr. Elias Vella.

Fr. Vella is a very popular preacher in Malta and abroad. He delivered thousands of preaches, lectures, seminars and retreats in his priestly ministry. He is a popular retreat preacher for nuns, priests and lay people. He preaches and lectures regularly all over the world, and that is why he travels a lot.

Our Sts. Cyril and Methodius parish priest, Fr. Juraj Kopanicky, had a privilege to be present at one of Fr. Elias Vella's retreats given to priests.
Knowing that Fr. Elias Vella on his trip from Europe to Australia will stop in Seatle, Wa, Fr. Juraj Kopanicky invited Fr. Vella to visit our Archdiocese to teach us to "Set Free to Live and Love".

“Set Free to Live and Love” is a concept inspired to liberate the human being through the person of Jesus Christ, His Sacrifice and Resurrection, His Word and the Sacramental Life of the Church.Topics of this spiritual retreat, led by Fr. Elias Vella and Diana Mascarenhas, include:

* Understanding types of Healing (Spiritual, Psychological and Physical)
* Healing of memories
* Using the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in the ministry of Healing and deliverance
* Healing through the sacraments
* Healing through the Cross of Jesus
* Healing through God’s word
* God’s plan for healing the Family

Additional information about Elias Vella and the spiritual retreat at Rosemary Heights (December 18-20 2009)
can be found on the web site

that we created for this retreat:

Namelly, you could find there all information about
- the retreat itself
- Fr. Elias Vella from Malta
- Diana Mascarenhas, from India
- retreat program

You can, as well, read (or download)
- the information pamphet
- the poster
- registration form

If you would like to have even more information, type "elias vella" into your google search.

God Bless,

Jozef Starosta

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