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2009-11-09.7: 70 emailov - znova

Maria: Bol odoslany 2nd reminder do 70 farnosti v LM.

Subject: Spend the Forth Weekend of Advent in a Unique Way

Dear Father and Friends in Christ:

This is the second friendly reminder to invite all of you to spend the Fourth Weekend of Advent in an extraordinary way. Be part of the "Set Free Retreat" at Rosemary Heights commencing Friday, Dec 18th through to Sunday, Dec 20th, 2009. The registration deadline is on Nov 30th, 2009.

Open your hearts to God for new life through the inner healing retreat, refresh yourself and have an absolute unique Christmas experience.

This retreat is an exceptional program - a powerful module designed to bring wholeness and healing in the power of the Holy Spirit to every person. Topics of Lectures and Workshops include Understanding types of Healing (Spiritual, Psychological and Physical), Healing of Memories, Using the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Inner Healing through the Sacraments, Healing through God’s word and God’s plan for healing the Family.

We sincerely ask you to publish this spiritual retreat in your parish bulletin over the next two weeks (see attachment).

We deeply thank you for helping support the Lord’s ministry,

Maria Matovcikova

For more details, please call Rev. Juraj Kopanicky at 604-526-7351 or visit Archdiocese website on pg 4.

To register call Bertha 604-936-4669 or Rozalia 604-944-1554

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