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2009-11-09.9: komunikacia R<==>Lennie


this is such a blessing, that I have contact on you. My apology, yes I checked my e-mail, Sundays are always busy for me with Masses and family dinner. Thank you for all the information. I am glad that there is more people interested in our beautiful retreat. I was thinking about your questions about the program and schedule. Topics are on the brochure and I think Fr. Vella and Diana are going to be guided by Holy Spirit, what and when to use any of this topics, it depens on audience too.

We had a meeting yesterday afternoon and there is program for late evenings, my priest attended Fr. Vellas retreat last summer and says their days were long, last till 11:00 PM. Please reconcider for staying overnight to get the best benefit from this life opportunity to meet Fr. Vella and Diana.

God Bless you and all the good work you have done.


Subject: Retreat
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 2009 00:45:38 -0800

Hi Rozalina,

I hope you have gotten my other email. Have you? It looks like I am having more friends coming and we decided to mail our registration forms together but you will surely receive them before the 30th. of November. okay? Right now it looks like I will have 6 going with me.

Blessings in His Joy,


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