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1st Annual Tulis Alumni Game

I am writing on behalf of my dad and the Roman Tulis Soccer School. We are having our first ever Roman Tulis Memorial Alumni Game this Sunday, June 13th at approximately 7:00 PM at the MultiSport Centre of Excellence (turf field #5).

It was always Roman’s dream to host a RTESSE alumni game. His vision of this game was to select long time Tulis players (program graduates) to participate and compete against each other in a fun scrimmage. Unfortunately, due to his battle against cancer and recent passing he was not able to follow through and make his dream a reality.

Therefore, in his honor the Tulis family has organized this alumni game for him and they would like to invite you to join them on Sunday, June 13th. If you knew Roman, knew player's that were coached by him or just simply love the game of soccer, come join us.

We hope to turn this alumni game into a Tulis School yearly tradition as not only a celebration towards the school but to honor Roman and the spirit he has given to all of us on and off the field.

Nicole Maria Tulis


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