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[2010-10-19] Email research - Greenville, North Carolina

One of my daugthers did some further email research:
Hi Everyone,

I wanted to forward you a brief email exchange I had with a cardiac surgeon from Greenville, North Carolina. I first noticed his name on dr. R.'s list of credentials, but then also came across his name in articles he wrote about myxoma surgeries - someone I felt had some expertise in this area. So I decided to write him to get his opinion about who would be a good myxoma surgeon in Western Canada to talk to / consult with....

Here's his response :)
Ask dr R. at university in Vancouver. He can do this minimally invasive. I trained him. Excellent surgeon and very compassionate. I can do this robotically. In Canada no one doing these robotically through least invasive techniques. Regards r Chitwood

and this is the original email:
Hi Dr. Chitwood,

I am taking a chance writing to you from Vancouver, Canada, as you have been one of the few surgeons I can find online linked to cardiac operations of myxomas. Last Friday, my father was diagnosed with a myxoma, attached to the intaartial septum and anterior mitral valve leaflet, 32mm by 42mm – I am attaching the echo results in case you are able to look at them. He is 65 years old also lives in Vancouver, Canada.

From the research that I have done, this condition and surgery is really rare. Along with meeting with his cardiologist yesterday, my dad should be meeting with the cardiac surgeon in the next couple of weeks to discuss surgery options – surgery is being strongly recommended. Since this surgery seems to be fairly rare, I am doing research to find what Canadian / British Columbia surgeons have experience with myxoma operations.

I am writing to you to see if you have any advice or know of cardiac surgeons that have more experience with this surgery and that live in Western Canada. Any of your help or recommendations are hugely appreciated, as we try to come to terms with this reality and make next step decisions.

Thank you Dr. Chitwood!


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