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My Belief

I don’t have a special story about some experience to tell to exemplify my belief or to recount my special light-bulb moment. There wasn’t one. I’ve believed this for much of my life, I just haven’t known that I knew it. Only while writing and sifting through my thoughts did I come across this, my belief, which, when I though about it, didn’t feel strange at all to have in my head.

This I Believe: that it is impossible to control anything of the world around us. We are powerless.

I suppose I’ve had many experiences that all led up to this belief that formed itself in my mind. Once, when I was very young, I stepped on a knitting needle; doing no harm to myself but snapping it in two. Being at the age that I was, I stomped and cried. I wanted to make it better, but I didn't know how. There was nothing I could do the fix it: it wouldn’t work properly again, no matter what I did.

This, I think, was one of the first times I realized my own powerlessness. I started having other little moments where I was unable to control something: when I lost perhaps a favourite keychain, when people wouldn’t do as I asked. When I heard about the imminent extinction of French, Spanish, and other cultures. It might’ve been simply my arrogance as a child, but maybe that just rammed the point home even harder. I’ve been powerless, unable to do anything, and recently I’ve tried to accept that. It’s human nature, I think, to try to be constantly in control. And there’s nothing really that anyone can do, funny enough. And since we’re powerless, we can’t do anything to fix our powerlessness.

Because we are all powerless. We can't really control anything in the world, if you think about it. Nothing of any importance. The shirt you picked out to wear today? Did you decide to be in the mood for something blue today? Or long sleeves vs. short sleeves? Maybe you did, but still. Is that truly so important? How will that affect the world? Your life, even?

I don’t intend to suppress my human nature, only accept it. It’s still hard – nobody can truly accept powerlessness properly, save perhaps for those who’ve been surrounded by it for the entirety of their lives: slaves, perhaps, or underprivileged and oppressed people. None of us, who are so lucky in this life, can truly accept it or come to terms with it. I know that I can’t myself, but I think realizing this has been the first step.

And so this I believe: I believe in embracing and giving in to one’s powerlessness – fighting it will get you nowhere, because, funny enough, you are powerless.

A girl

Autorom článku je 15-ročná stredoškoláčka, Kanaďanka, ktorej v tele koluje 50% slovenskej krvi.

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