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II.4.28 When Teddy Bear talks

My name is Mischa and this is my chair – only mine now. But things weren’ always like this. There was time I shared it with “Grandpa John” and “Little John”, his grandson. Many years ago I was brought here in a nice blue box and given to Little John as a gift. He was tree years old and the tree of us had so much fun together. I went everywhere with Grandpa John and Little John – to the parks, fishing, to maple syrup festivals, even to the Disneyland for a holiday! But times changed, Little John grew up even though we still call him “little”.

Eventually I was left in the basement with all my friends – the dogs, cats and rabbits. Happily, Grandpa John found me one day and laughing, said, “Look who’s here! Our Mischa! Come on, old friend. You will keep me company.”

By this time Grandpa was unable to walk much so we shared happy chair time and stories. Mostly, Grandpa talked and I listened. He told about young Canadian soldier in France, about Juno Beach in 1944 where so many young men died. He also told about young French girl named Annette who found him sleeping in her father’s barn. She brought him bread, cheese and the best wine he had ever tasted.

Eventually the war ended and he brought Annette back to Canada as his bride. They had five children and finally their first grandson arrived – Little John.

I always loved Grandpa’s stories and his company. But now he is gone and I am alone. I sit in the big chair, remembering all the happy times we had.

Yes it was very sad when Grandpa left me, but Grandma Annette told me that Little John and his daughter Nicole are coming for Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday. I hope she may want to sit with me and maybe even take me home with her. If that happens, I’ll never be lonely again.

Marcella Krupa

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