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Conference on "Future of the Canadian Slovak Community and its Place in the Canadian Environment."

Dear Friends,

About a month ago you received the attached invitation to a very important conference that we are hosting. I am resending this document once again to everyone including those who confirmed just to make sure that we are all informed about the same thing.

Future of the Canadian Slovak Community and its Place in the Canadian Environment.

The conference is this coming Saturday and so far we have 10 confirmed attendees who feel they have an opinion on future of Canadian Slovak community. I truly implore you to make every effort to come on Setp 17, 2011 to the conference so that your ideas can be heard and then published in the conference papers that will be distributed to as many people in Canada and Slovakia as possible. This document will be the basis for future discussions on what Slovaks in Canada think. Make sure your ideas are part of this document.

I would hope that there will still be many more who will confirm this week so that we can truly come together and create the future that the Slovaks in Canada deserve.

Once again the points on which we hope to hear from you are the following:

1. Where are the Slovak communities in Canada today? In the past, there concentrations of Slovaks in cities like Montreal, Winnipeg and Windsor. Today, the historical Slovak communities are dying and new immigration is not necessarily gathering in major cities. They are much more scattered and therefore invisible.

2. How is this Slovak community in the Canadian environment presented and how should it be present, since our taxes contribute to culture, but the Canadian government does not have many programs for the Slovaks in Canada to benefit from our tax dollars.

3. Is the Slovak community an invisible minority in Canada? Not immediately identifiable by skin color, appearance or language, the Slovaks do not have a prominent identification as immigrants, and it is not therefore seen as necessary to pay attention to them with funding for the maintenance of their distinct heritage or survival.

4. How is it possible to entice and excite the English-speaking Slovak generation to become involved in the life of the Slovak community and what kind of organization would be appropriate for this development?

5. What bothers Slovak Canada today? What is it expected from the Canadian government bodies and what is it expected or what should it be expected from Slovakia?

The Conference will be held at the historic Montgomery’s Inn from 1:00 PM to 5 PM., 4709 Dundas Street West, Toronto, Ontario. Further directions and particulars will be sent and emailed later on.

Enclosed is a more detailed document dealing with the conference.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact
Pavol Dzacko at 416-253-6392 –
or Ondrej Mihal at 416-939-3111 –

Hope to see you on Saturday,

Respectfully yours,

Ondrej Mihal
Slovak Canadian Institute

20110917.Conference details.pdf680.26 KB

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