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Minutes from Oct 22, 2011 meeting

To all,

Enclosed you will find two PDF files (Slovak and English) which contain the Minutes of the Oct 22, 2011 meeting on the Future of Slovak Community in Canada.

The first meeting was well attended. There were 12 points open for discussion but only the first three on the list were discussed. Please read the minutes.

In addition a new Community WEB site has been created by Pavol Dzacko based on the discussions from this meeting.

Its mandate will be to serve as an information portal for the new Community Events Calendar until a permanent home can be found. The existing community event calendar, that was created by SCNC is not being updated, thus a need to solve this pressing problem.

Additionally, the web site will be used as a source for all the Minutes of the meetings as well as the location to where the Conference papers PFD booklet that can be downloaded by all.

Please give it a look and inform all concerned:

Best regards,

Ondrej Mihal

20111022 Minutes - Future of Slovaks in Canada - English.pdf248.71 KB
20111022 Minutes - Future of Slovaks in Canada - Slovak.pdf210.82 KB

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