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ViaMia Show (English)

November 17th became a memorable day for both, current and former residents of Slovakia and Czech Republic.

The date remembers the anniversary of the 1939 when Nazi shut down University of Prague after demonstrations against the killing of couple of people as well as against the occupation of Czechoslovakia.

Fifty years later, in 1989, independent student leaders organized a mass demonstration to commemorate International Students’ Day. This fiftieth-anniversary event gave students an opportunity to voice their displeasure with the communist party of Czechoslovakia. That day enrolled the history becoming known as Velvet Revolution.

Even though ViaMia show, now regularly aired from Shaw TV never touches politics, the event could not be ignored; this day falls on Saturday, when the show weekly premiers. Dagmar Zalesak, as the shows’ guest will bring some interesting points of the incident plus compares the life before and after the Velvet Revolution.

The show will air on November 17th on Shaw TV, Channel 4 at 3.00 pm and repeats on Sunday 10.30 am. The same weekend the show will appear on You Tube. Stay Tuned.

The ViaMia show host/producer: Mia Zimmerman

Do you want to know more about Mia Zimmerman?
Read "Slovo z Britskej Kolumbie", No.15, p.23 in the Kiosk of Slovo.

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